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Free Utah DLD Permit Practice Test 2023 | UT

This Utah DLD practice test has just been updated for October 2023 and covers 40 of the most essential road signs and rules questions directly from the official 2023 UT Driver Handbook. You will need to achieve an 80% passing score on a written knowledge test in order to get your learner’s permit or driver’s license in the state of Utah, by answering 40 of 50 multiple-choice questions correctly. You may apply for your learner’s permit if you are age 15 or older. If you are 17 years of age or younger, you must have your learner’s permit for at least six months before you can apply for a regular driver’s license. Anyone with a learner’s permit who is between the ages of 15 and 18 is required to take a driver’s education course. If you are 19 years of age or older, you can either skip a driver’s education course and be required to hold your learner’s permit for at least 90 days or take the course and the 90-day requirement is waived. The fee for a learner’s permit is $15, and you may renew is by paying another $15 and reapplying. Just like the real test, the questions on this Utah DMV permit practice test are based on the information from the Driver Handbook.

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List of questions (classic view)

  1. On a two-lane roadway, you approach a school bus displaying alternating flashing red light signals. What should you do?
  2. Opposing lanes of traffic are separated by
  3. Freeway driving can lead to highway hypnosis, a condition of drowsiness or unawareness. You can avoid this condition by
  4. What does this sign mean?
  5. When you approach a stationary emergency vehicle with flashing lights, what must you do?
  6. You must not use _________ to exit a freeway, even in a traffic jam.
  7. In Utah, it is recommended that you leave a following distance of at least ________ behind the vehicle ahead of you.
  8. What does this sign indicate?
  9. The area of the freeway beyond the solid white line is meant for
  10. If your vehicle stalls on railroad tracks when a train is approaching, what should you do?
  11. If you approach an intersection at which the traffic lights are not working, you must first __________ before entering the intersection and then yield the right-of-way.
  12. What does this sign indicate?
  13. If you have entered an intersection to turn left and the traffic light changes to yellow, what should you do?
  14. In Utah, fines for speeding in a work (construction) zone are _________ when workers are present.
  15. Under Utah law, you must dim your headlights whenever you are within _______ of an oncoming vehicle.
  16. What does this sign indicate?
  17. A sign with black letters or symbols on an orange background is
  18. You are parking next to a curb, facing uphill. Which way should you point your front wheels?
  19. You may pass another vehicle if there is _________ next to your lane.
  20. What does this sign mean?
  21. In Utah, effective December 30, 2018, an adult driver can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) if his or her blood alcohol concentration is ______ or higher.
  22. If a tire blows out, you should
  23. _________ occurs on wet roads when your tires start to ride on water instead of the road.
  24. This sign indicates
  25. In Utah, which occupants of a passenger vehicle must wear safety belts or appropriate child restraints?
  26. When you stop your vehicle at a railroad crossing, you must stop at least _________ from the nearest rail.
  27. In Utah, when you parallel park your vehicle next to a curb, your vehicle must be within _________ of the curb.
  28. This sign indicates
  29. If two or more vehicles arrive at an intersection at about the same time,
  30. In Utah, you must switch on your headlights if you cannot see _________ ahead due to fog, stormy weather, dust, or darkness.
  31. On a highway, the left lane should be used for
  32. What does this sign indicate?
  33. In Utah, the maximum speed limit on interstate highways is
  34. You're driving on a two-lane road. If the road is too narrow to make a U-turn, you may make
  35. On a two-lane road, you have moved into the opposing lane to pass another vehicle. You must return to your original lane before any oncoming vehicle comes within _______ of you.
  36. What does this warning sign indicate?
  37. The areas around your vehicle where other vehicles cannot be seen in your mirrors are known as
  38. In Utah's business districts, the maximum speed limit is _______ except where otherwise posted.
  39. In a roundabout, you must drive
  40. What does this sign indicate?